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After the storm,How do we maintenance diesel generators

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Since this summer, a from south to north, from east to west in a wide range of rainfall covers most areas in China. Days of rainfall caused river levels rise, urban waterlogging in some areas, the dam burst, destroyed farmland,villages,to the production life of the people caused great inconvenience and loss. Diesel generators because of its special nature,mostly will be installed in the basement and other relatively low-lying position,water intrusion is likely to cause diesel generator set was flooded. Water receded, how conservation units, to enable it to work is a very important job, if the unit is not in place conservation, it is likely to cause damage to the unit.
If the generator set is completely submerged water, generator stator and rotor coil moisture is more serious, while on the surface of the stator coil and the rotor poles are also a lot of silt and crew adhesive leaking oil, so before drying must be careful and meticulous do a good job cleaning, rinse with water clean-up work as a critical first step. After the clean up as soon as possible to the stator generator sets for heating and drying.The most commonly used method is the copper loss method. Works copper loss law directly to the turbine starts rotating, the use of the unit's own hot air moisture stator and rotor coil surface to dry and then the generator outlet three-phase short circuit, phase short circuit in the generator running. Note that the operation is necessary to strictly control the stator winding temperature should not rise too quickly, try to make the generator stator and rotor get dried synchronization. Copper loss method is simple, reliable, easy to operate, a number of smaller capacity stand-alone diesel generators were flooded rotor or stator coil can severely damp after drying this way.
If it is placed in the open air open-frame generators can be heated using hot air drying method. Specific methods of operation is to dry and clean the waste heat generated by the host into the wind generator, rotor and stator windings drying. To prevent deformation of the shaft, the rotor should be periodically rotated 180 degrees. When dry, the surface temperature of the winding should be controlled. Measured with a thermometer, winding surface shall not exceed 85 ℃, inlet air temperature must not exceed 90 degrees.
After confirming the motor and the circuit components have been completely dry, it should change the oil and check whether the water tank. If the water tank, the tank should be replaced in the diesel tank and dried to prevent engine damage caused by water entering the engine.
Rainy summer, and greater rainfall, either box or open-frame generators before use should be appropriate checks. Especially the open-air display of open-frame generators, sun and rain can cause accelerated aging of components, it should be checked at any time, regular maintenance to ensure trouble in practical use.

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