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High Voltage Generator Sets

Direct high-voltage output,less loss, high efficiency, rapid response and strong start. The use of high-voltage units can reduce transmission losses and reduced investment in cable, suitable for long-distance carrier. With impact resistance, to load fluctuations, with the super-load capacity to launch large-capacity motor with single-phase loading capacity. Equipped with high-voltage Switch Cabinet. Computer protection.
high power generator
High voltage generator sets, power range is from 800kVA to 5000kVA,
Engine Brand: Perkins engine, Cummins engine,Mitsubishi or MTU engine etc
Alternator voltage: 3300V, 6300V, 10500V, 3600V, 6600V, 11000V, 13800V
Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
Speed: 1500rpm, 1800rpm,
Accordance with IEC60034-1VED0530GB755 etc international standards,SUTER POWER series High voltage generator sets adopt Germany SIMENS IFC6 series alternator with 3300V,6000V,6300V,10500V,10000V,11000V,13800V.
Advantage of SUTER POWER's High Voltage Generator Sets
1,Powered by International famous brand Cummins,UK Perkins,MTU,Mistubishi etc
2,alternator adopt the electromagnetic design from Germany Siemens 
2,alternator Winding with vacuum impregnation & thermostat drier keep alternator high-quality insulation.
3,alternator with Full power,Low Temperature Rise,Strong overload capacity
4,assembled with Permanent Magnet Generator.
high voltage generator set

High Voltage Generator Sets

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