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News and Events

  • China OEM Factory Manufacturer Diesel Engine Power Generator

    As a China diesel generator OEM factory, Suter Power provide personal customized services.In order to meet the different needs of customers, we will develop the most appropriate production proposal according to the actual circumstances to ensure clients' requirements. It started with diesel generator,but not limited to power generator.in product development and improvement of the road we will never stop,to provide high-quality products with the most efficient power solution   Read More>

  • After the storm,How do we maintenance diesel generators

    Diesel generators because of its special nature,mostly will be installed in the basement and other relatively low-lying position,water intrusion is likely to cause diesel generator set was flooded. Water receded, how conservation units, to enable it to work is a very important job, if the unit is not in place conservation, it is likely to cause damage to the unit.   Read More>

  • Happy Dragon Boat Festival

    SUTER POWER I wish you all happy Dragon Boat Festival   Read More>

  • A Photo To Know More About Diesel Engine Generator

    Diesel Engine generator is assembled by diesel engine,radiator,alternator,controller,base frame,muffler,output circuit MCCB.SUTER POWER mains generator sets include Cummins generator,Perkins generator,Volvo generator,Doosan generator etc   Read More>

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